Body Waxing

Only the best Tea Tree Wax recognised for its anti-bacterial and soothing properties is used to ensure silky smooth hair removal, there for your waxing treatment will be comfortable and pain free – the only thing you’ll be feeling is soft silky skin.

Full Leg – £21.00

¾ Leg – £17.50

½ Leg – £14.50

Underarm – £8.00

Forearms – £11.00

Full Arm – £15.50

Abdomen (from) – £5.00

Face (from) – £5.00

Eye Brow Shaping – £7.00

Lip – £4.95

Chin – £4.95

Nostrils – £7.00

Threading is a natural and chemical free method of hair removal. The hair is removed with an antibacterial thread which is twisted and pulled along the skin surface removing any unwanted hair directly from the follicle.

Eye Brow Shaping – £9.00

Lip – £6.50

Chin – £6.50


Bikini Line – £11.00
Hair is removed from outside bikini line only.

Tanga Wax – £13.75
Hair is removed leaving a tanga shape (triangle) from within the bikini area, as well as the bikini line. Ideal for those who wear smaller briefs and thongs.

Brazilian Wax – £21.00
Hair is removed leaving a vertical strip from within the bikini area. Hair may be removed from the buttocks if wished. Ideal for those who wear thongs or a G string.

Play Boy – £25.50
Hair is removed leaving a very small vertical strip, with all surrounding area including buttocks stripped bare.

Hollywood – £30.50
For those who dare – it’s completely bare!!