Using a combination of stretching and gentle massage movements paired with the choice of a selection of pure aromatic oils used to improve circulation and nourish the skin, this massage is sure to combat stress, tired, aching and tense muscles. Finished with a light massage of warm Ginger Body Oil mixed with MONU Spa Papaya Salt your back will be left polished, refreshed and relaxed. We recommend soaking in a hot bath of MONU Papaya Bath Salt as a perfect way to compliment your massage and relax your muscles.

 Please ask if you prefer a deep tissue massage.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE – 30 minutes – £24.00
Ideal for massage virgins, this treatment is a must for anyone with aching shoulders, tight neck, eye strain and insomnia. Practised for over a thousand years it is an integral part of Indian family life. Seated in a professional massage chair with face cradle to ensure client comfort enjoy this massage dry fully clothed or robed with the use of oils. Proven to help with headaches and migraines the scalp massage also boosts circulation and hair growth, while working with the body’s chakras it helps to rebalance your emotional and spiritual well-being.

This relaxing, soothing treatment harnesses the properties of precious aromatherapy oils, using a combination of massage techniques customised to treat the whole body. Lie back and soak up the tranquil surroundings, allow the tension and strains to ease away, leaving body and mind to unite in harmony.

Please ask if you prefer a deep tissue massage

LUX FULL BODY DEEP TISSUE CANDLE MASSAGE – 60 minutes – LUX Shea – £43.50    LUX Argan – £44.50
Made from pure natural vegetable oil and butters the LUX candle melts at a consistent temperature of 38 degrees, when the candle is melted the warm oil is drizzled over the skin, then left to embrace the room with their light, heat and aromatherapy essences. The powerful massage technique coupled with the opulent nature of the Lux candles makes the LUX Shea and LUX Argan a truly mesmerising experience, leaving the body rejuvenated and relaxed.

MONU ESSENTIAL OIL TOP TO TOE – 2 hours – £65.00
Loose the hustle and bustle of life with the aid of music in a softly lit room and let us calm mind, body and soul as you experience the most sumptuous treatment of all. With the powerful therapeutic benefits of precious aromatherapy oils this soothing and balancing all over body treatment will immerse you into a complete state of deep relaxation. The ultimate in luxury of an aromatherapy facial merged expertly with the applied pressure of a full body massage will send your senses reeling whilst letting your worries and cares evaporate away.

BIOSUN HOPI EAR CANDLES – 30 minutes – £23.50   Course of 3 – £64.50
Treatment includes ear candles combined with lymphatic facial massage. The art of ear candles have been traditionally used by Shamen Healers, as a natural method of ear syringing. The candles have inner warmth associated with spiritual cleansing which induces a feeling of wellbeing and health. Physical benefits include: – relief for stress, sinus, vertigo, tinnitus, colds, flu and many more.