All technical services are complemented by the latest training in colouring and perming techniques, supported by a comprehensive range of professional products.

Colouring services (exclusive of cut and finish)

A deposit of £30 (or more depending on the service) will be required to secure any colour appointment. This will then be deducted from the final bill. Kuru withholds the right to keep the deposit as a cancellation fee should you fail to attend or give less then 24 hours notice of cancellation.

Long or overly thick hair may incur an additional charge at the stylists discretion.

A sensitivity test maybe required 24 Hours prior to service.

Root Re-Touch = £37.00

Permanent Colour Full Head = from £50.00

Demi Colour Full Head = from £41.00

Full Head Weave = from £60.00

Half Head Foils = from £48.50

T-Bar = from £40.00

Colour Lacquer = from £22.00

Colour Refresh = from £12.00

Toners = from £14.00
only when applied immediately after any colour service, otherwise a toner is charged as a full head Demi

Quick Mask Toners = from £6.00

Matrix Bond Ultim8.

Matrix’s answer to Olaplex

1 SHOT = £8.00

2 SHOTS = £12.50

3 SHOTS = £16.50 

The amount of shots required will be discussed during the consultation. This will depend on the colour service plus the condition of the hair.

Balayage Colouring Services

Balayage Colour Placement With Roots and a Toner = from £121.00

Balayage Colour Placement With Toner = from £96.00

Ombré Colour Placement from = from £96.00

Balayage and Ombré Colouring will need a colour consultation prior to an appointment to determine exact costs, timing and suitably of hair.

Colour Stripping

Short Hair from = from £50 per application 

Medium / Long Hair from = from £60 per application 

Extra Applications = from £30 per bowl


Perming = from £50.00

Medium / Long Hair Perming = from £60 per application

Extra Applications = £30.00 per bowl

Hair Straightening

KeraStraight = £155 – approx 3 hours
Treatment includes after care products of Kerastraight Shampoo and Conditioner.

Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment is an evolution in straightening and repairing the hair. The treatment has been designed to transform even the most difficult hair into stronger, straighter, repaired hair that’s easy to maintain and gorgeous to touch.

Using advanced protein technology, Ultimate Treatment is a game changer, transforming the shape and condition of all hair types. The unique combination of low pH proteins will renew dry, damaged and weak hair, transforming it completely into healthy, straighter and stronger hair that both looks and feels amazing. These incredible repairing agents rebuild the hair with added strength, vitality and shine providing a smooth, soft and straighter finish that lasts for up to 4 months, gradually fading from the hair.

The innovative treatment will give you the hair you’ve always wanted.

KeraBoost = £45.00 – approx 1 ½ hours

Intense Boost is a revolution in hair repair. Using KeraStraight’s advanced treatment technology, Intense Boost renews, repairs and rehydrates hair from the inside out rebuilding whatever the hair lacks. This quick-fix treatment transforms weak, dry and damaged hair into beautifully repaired, strong, shiny and healthy hair and lasts up to a whole month.

Intense Boost combines the most advanced proteins and lightweight moisture encapsulation on the market today, which is why there’s not a quick-fix hair treatment product out there that comes anywhere near its capacity for repair and manageability.

Wedding Services

All bridal services are preceded with a thorough consultation to enable us to create the perfect look for you.

Bridal Hair = from £90.00
This includes a 90 minute hair rehearsal plus wedding day service.

Bridesmaids Hair = from £76.00
This includes a 60 minute hair rehearsal plus wedding day service.

Blow Dry including fitting of fascination or hair accessories = from £28.00

We also offer an extensive beauty service to ensure you look and feel great on your wedding day, after all its one of the most important days of your life.

Hair Extensions

Working with two of the best ranges of hair, Great Lengths and Zen, we can tailor extensions to suit your individual needs.

Tape Application

i Tips

U Tips ( bonded extensions)

A consultation is required to determine suitability, method of application along with how much hair will be needed.

We work on the basis of the cost of the hair, plus £40.00 an hour for application.

Taped extensions = cost of the hair plus £50.00 for application.

Re-Taping (1 tub of hair) plus Re-application = £68.00

Re-Taping – (1 tub of hair) = £18.00
                   (2 tubs of hair) = £22.00
                   (3 tubs of hair) = £26.00

Tape Removal = £15 plus the cost of a blow dry or cut and blow dry.

Removal of i Tips or U Tips = £40.00 an hour.

Micro Rings = £6.00 per pot

A full head of extensions can take 3 to 4 hours depending on hair type and thickness.

Removal of i tips and U tips can be from 1- 2 hours depending on amount and how long they’ve been in the hair.


We regret the recent price increases but had no choice having incurred extra costs from stock PPE and time constraints on the services offered due to government restrictions.